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Our Values

EMPATHY  We lead with empathy. We bring kindness, high EQ, and our unique perspectives and business experiences to navigate challenges and create opportunities. INTEGRITY We act with integrity. We remain ethical and transparent in everything we do to prioritize doing the right thing. OPTIMISM We are eternal optimists. We firmly believe that sustainability and social responsibility is the key to business excellence and future success as a force for good. COLLABORATION We are collaborative. We’re united in our mission to champion businesses committed to advancing sustainability with a collaborative spirit to unlock business growth with fierce determination. EMPOWERMENT We empower each other and our clients. We connect top women fractional leaders with modern business leaders, empowering equity, resilience, action, transformation, and impact.

Meet Our Founder

​Hi, I'm Melanie Mercier. 
Call me Mel.

With 26 years of entrepreneurial and consulting success, I bring a proven record of success as an Experiential Marketing Executive and Fractional Chief Operating Officer helping diverse organizations in achieving their goals and driving results.

I founded Chiefly & Co. out of passion, purpose, and the belief that women leaders with a sustainability mindset can effectively change the world. The rise of modern fractional leadership opened a unique pathway for Chiefly & Co. to connect top women executives to high value clients, filling critical gaps and delivering future-proofed sustainable paths for modern business ecosystems to thrive and make a positive impact as a force for good. 

Empowering exceptional women leaders, advancing sustainability, and delivering valuable impact for People, Planet & Prosperity are the trifecta of excellence rooted in our values that inspire our collective mission to do business better.

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